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I don't want to be the Hive Queen is a story by ValetheHowl available on Royal Road.

This wiki may contain some [SPOILERS] from advanced chapters on Patreon available at ValetheHowl's Parlor and from discussions on The Vex Hive Discord.



Marcus is a young man that had a very bad day at work.
First, he had a horrible customer during his shift. Then he got fired by his boss. And after that, he got shot to death during a robbery.
And to top it all of, he awakened with the body of a weak and strange creature in a fantasy world full of deadly monsters.

And that's just Monday!

Now Marcus will have to find a way to survive as a Vex Queen, but to do so his bravery and determination are not enough. He needs to build a hive that will protect him, as it won't be just monsters that he'll have to face...

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